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  “Personal Raptor Experience” 

The IRC Adult Raptor Camp is great.  But some folks don’t like group settings, some folks don’t have a whole day to spend, others just have a fondness for one certain species, and then there are those looking for that perfect personalized gift for a loved one.  A Personal Raptor Experience may be what these folks are looking for.

A Personal Raptor Experience is a once in a lifetime private meeting with a favorite bird of prey – up-close and personal.   Participants will first learn everything they ever wanted to know about their favorite bird.  Next, they will be familiarized with raptor handling equipment and how to use it. Then, when the participant is prepared and equipped, they will be introduced to the live bird of prey and ending with the bird sitting on their fist.  The IRC will provide photos for you.
The cost of a Personal Raptor Experience is $300.00 per couple.  To keep the experience personal, there is a limit of two couples (4 people) per 2 hour session with 1 raptor.  This program is for ages 10 years and older - no exceptions.  Children 10 to 18 must be accompanied by paying adult.

The cost of a Personal Eagle Experience is $400.00 per couple.  To keep the experience personal, there is a limit of two couples (4 people) per 2 hour session with 1 Bald Eagle. This program is for 18 years and older only.

Only fees paid in full will reserve your date and time.  A program fee is 75% refundable if the participant cancels the program up to the day before of the program.  A program fee is fully refundable if the IRC cancels the program. For more information about a Personal Raptor Experience call 217-963-6909 or email to

Please note that any IRC program may be cancelled at the last minute for health or welfare of animals, dangerous weather, staff needs, or insufficient registration.     
Fees from our programs fund our wildlife hospital.












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