"Bald Eagle Watch Weekend" will be held the
4th weekend of January every year
at the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center.

Above left: Eagles overlook the IllinoisRiver in this view from the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center.

Left: Barges lock through in front of theIllinois Waterway Visitor Center. The center's outside viewingbalcony is a great place to spot eagles and other birds. Right:A young visitor sports an American flag painted on her cheek.

Left: Eagles fight over a fish caught byone of the birds below the Starved Rock Lock and Dam.. AboveRight: A group of visitors gets a picture taken with an eagle.Below Right: Weekend activities are educationalas well as entertaining. The Illinois Raptor Center presentedthree free birds of prey programs each day.


The Illinois Waterway Visitor Center is located on Dee Bennett Road, across the Illinois River from Starved Rock State Park. The Visitor Center is adjacent to the Starved Rock Lock and Dam. The center's expansive windows and outdoor balcony provide outstanding opportunities to comfortably view eagles perched in trees on Leopold and Plum Islands or fishing below Starved Rock Lock and Dam. During "Bald Eagle Watch Weekend," members of the Starved Rock Audubon Society provide powerful spotting scopes for dramatic, closeup views.
For information about viewing eagles at other times during the winter, contact the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center at: 815-667-4054.

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