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Carla Jordan
Frederick and Sarah Brewer
February 2023
Karen Deering
by Judith Deering
December 2020
Jay Emrich
by Jane French
December 2020
Karen Deering
by Sue Smeltzer
December 2020
Luella's Birthday
by Monte and Joyce Throneburg
October 2020
Luella Coates' Birthday
by Shelli Brunner
October 2020
Resident Bald Eagle Pair
by Mary Jo and Sandy Adams
December 2019
The Scheidt Family
by Nancy Scheidt
December 2019
Wanetta Elliott
by Martha Grove
January 2019
Joyce Kellogg
Lover of All Things Animals
by Valerie Ellegood
January 2019
Sue Fletcher
For the Generosity of Her Time
by Alan Stankevitz and Jo Ann Hidaka
August 2018
Donald Jacobsen
To Honor His Birthday
by Eileen Doherty
July 2018












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