Illinois Raptor Center Success Stories

An unusual dark-morph red-tailed hawk gets a second chance

Red-tailed hawks can come in a variety of color variations or "morphs." Normally, the tail of a mature red-tail is rusty red in color. That makes identification easy. This bird, however, sports a dark tail. See the picture at the bottom of the page that shows a hawk with an all-white tail!

When it arrived at The Illinois Raptor Center, it was starving and full of parasites. Now completely healthy, it is ready for release and a second chance at life.

The red-tailed hawk is nearly ready for release.

This bird lacks the trademark rusty red tail feathers.

He's not starving anymore.

And now for something completely different!

This red-tailed hawk sports a white tail. As you can see, the color variations can sometimes be confusing.

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