Red-tailed hawk Photo Gallery

Photographs are copyright the Illinois RaptorCenter or The State Journal-Register in Springfield.

The Successful Hunt

A red-tailed hawk looks up from its catch along a roadway in Macoupin County, Illinois.

This hawk had captured a snake in the grass bordering a soybean field. The snake was not visible until the bird took flight to find a high perch where it could enjoy its meal in safety.

Snakes are common prey of red-tailed hawks in Illinois.

A red-winged blackbird harrasses the hawk as it flies away with its meal.

A high vantage point provides the perfect hunting spot.
A red-tailed hawk takes flight from its perch in the Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area in Cass County.
A red-tailed hawk, recently released from the Illinois Raptor Center, finds a quiet place to dine. IRC personnel were elated to see photos of the hawk hunting on its own.
A red-tailed hawk surveys its territory from its nesting site on the outskirts of Springfield Illinois.
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