The loggerhead shrike is known as the "butcher bird" because it often impales its prey on thorns.

It eats mostly large insects, but some mammals, amphibians, small birds and reptiles are taken as well.

The loggerhead shrike is an endangered species in Illinois, possibly due to loss of hedgerows, pastureland and the use of pesticides.

...and Vireos

photographs by Chris Young (red-eyed and blue-head vireos)and Dennis Oehmke

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The red-eyed vireo may be hard to see high up in the forest canopy. They also are found in parks and cemeteries. The blue-headed vireo was formerly known as the solitary vireo. They are normally seen during spring and fall migration. Note the white "spectacles." The yellow-throated vireo is more brightly colored, and prefers the interior of the forest. It is uncommon and appears only during migration.